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Oyi Local Government Area - Anambra State - Nigeria
History of Nteje
     Nteje is a town in Oyi (formerly Anambra) Local Government Area of Anambra State of Nigeria. 
   A proud but hardworking and successful agricultural people, the people of Nteje resisted anything that would disturb their traditional set-up. As a result of one of their inter-village war with the people of the Awkuzu, they were invaded by the Adas ( a group of blood-thirsty mercenaries hired out by Awkuzu against Nteje in 1891). The people of the Nteje not only successfully resisted the Adas but also staged retaliation by calling in the soldiers of the Royal Niger Company against the Awkuzu in 1894. This was the first contact of Nteje with the Europeans. 
   In 1906, the white missionaries came to the town and they were welcomed at first. But when however the missionaries showed absolute disregard for their beliefs and their sacred institutions, the people withdrew from the church and school. Little did they know they were denying themselves the benefits of an early association with missionaries. This action was to have adverse effects on the overall development of the town. 
   Since the missionaries abandoned the town in 1924 there has been much talk as to whether a curse was pronounced on the town by the missionaries. This prompted an attempt to survey the social, political, religious, and economic life of the people over the years. From this survey, one discovers that the forces militating against rapid progress originate from the people themselves rather than coming from outside. The last chapter tries to discuss chances of a greater tomorrow, making use of all the available resources.    
   Most of the facts contained in this booklet are derived from oral literature as little or no written history of the town and her people exists. As a pioneer effort, this history is not exhaustive and it is hoped that other interested historians will either improve on the work or cover other areas of the history of this town which has not been touched upon in this book. 
   I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the following elders: the late Mazi Igwebuike, Mazi Lawrence Ikelionwu Udogwu, Mazi Louis Akom Oraveh (Late), Chief Daniel Akweze Chief R. Isidienu. To metion but a few, for supplying most of the information contained in this booklet. My profound gratitude also goes to: Barrister and Mrs. Amasiani, Mr. & Mrs. A. O. Amasiani, Mr. & Mrs. J. I. Oregbunem, Mr. & Mrs. S. N. Aniga and Mr. Emma Okafor for making time to read and correct my manuscript. My immense gratitude also goes to Mr. & Mrs. P. A. Ozuah, Mr. & Mrs. J. I. Oregbunem for their financial support while I was carrying out this work. Last but not least, I am most grateful to Rev. Fr. Jordan whose book BISHOP SHANAHAN OF SOUTHERN NIGERIA inspired me to write this book. Excerpt From... The making of modern Nteje (1891 - 1980) By Rev. Fr. Anayo Mathew Anakwue Mkpuefune

We are forever indebted to Late Rev. Fr. Anayo Michael Akwue Mpuefune
                                            May his soul rest in peace

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